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Set up and pack down faster!

Make setting up and packing down faster and easier using a Quick Release or two.

These babies have been designed to make our work life easier, and with The Makeup Light (TML) already making such a huge difference in our community using state of the art lighting technology which not only illuminates our way and our work but looks after one of our greatest assets and tools, our eyes. TML have kept honing in on what makes things easier and work better for their muse and for us, the community of working artists who swear by TML and letting our non-makeup artist friends and family in on the secret of good lighting. The Makeup Light hit it out of the ballpark when they came up with this little gem, the Quick Release.

Something that has made my set up (and pack down) quicker and easier is having an extra Quick Release (QR) that I leave attached to the bottom of my Gooseneck (using the bolt and allan key that come with the QR) which I then click into it’s other half that lives on the top of my Light Stand. If you love using your stand (most people do), adding the extra QR saves you time because you are literally clicking them together and apart. Click, click and you are done!

I am going to be honest here and say, I have a Quick release for every different TML mount that I carry with me (which is all of them, of course!) and this has made my work flow even easier as there is no mucking around with having to find which mounts the QR’s are on and then taking them off (if I am not able to use the same mount that I used on my last job), and then putting them onto the mount that will work for the space that I am in that day. As you know (or maybe you don’t if you are not a Makeup Artist), each job has different requirements, no two days look the same and no two jobs or work stations look the same so, having everything already set up, means less thinking about those little things and leaving room to focus on the important stuff for that day. Everything is always ready to go when I am. Which of course means, like any makeup artist worth their salt, I am ready!

Please reach out if you have any questions, you can email me here. I would really love to see your TML’s out in the world so if you want to tag us in any pictures of your set up’s on IG, our handle is @chroniclesofamakeupartist or use #themakeuplightau

Incase you wondered what my kit looks like, carrying all the mounts, (I actually carry a Master Kit, which has two of everything), I put a picture of it below. My Pro Stand bag with my Light Stands and Goosenecks, live in my car boot pretty much, so they aren’t in the picture but this is my Master Kit with all the rest of my TML goodies. How teeny tiny is she?? Amazing, right? Of course, the rest of my kit is constantly changing and evolving, so it doesn’t always look the same but my Master Kit hasn’t changed since I bought it. Actually, lies!! I added the Magic Mounts to it! Ha! They fit in there too..


Peace, love & light



Chronicles of a Makeup Artist acknowledges the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of our nation and the traditional custodians of Country throughout Australia, with Birpai Country being the land where we live, learn and work.

We recognise that this land always was and always will be Aboriginal land and we want to pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

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