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Fair Price Policy

We understand that it can be very expensive living on the worlds largest island where it costs an arm and a leg to buy anything online and get it sent all the way over here.

That's why we work really hard to offer the best prices we can. More often than not, our prices are comparable to buying directly from TML without the international customs and shipping costs (when you convert the prices from US to Aussie dollars).

We also evaluate our pricing all the time and depending on the dollar market we'll adjust them accordingly. That means we get to lower our prices sometimes and other times we have to pop them up. 

 Our aim is to bring you the best price we can which as a small business is our #1 goal besides phenomenal customer service! We promise to always do our absolute best.

We want to get you the best makeup lighting possible, as well as give you a great buying experience. We sincerely appreciate your support!