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Black Light LED panel

Regular price $500.00
Black Light LED panel
Black Light LED panel
Black Light LED panel
Black Light LED panel
Black Light LED panel

Do you know what light activates the phosphors in your makeup? It's the black light, of course! 

The all new Black Light LED Panel from The Makeup Light is here. This Limited Edition panel is shaped like our Eyelight, and fits in the same bag. Makeup artists, body painters, and more are already falling in love with the TML Black Light.


  • One LED Black Light Panel: 44.2 x 12.3 cm (18 x 5 inches) Violet/Chrome finish
  • Power cord assembly (14′) with in-line, touch-style flicker-free dimmer switch
  • Felt pouch for power assembly
  • One Quick Release set
  • One Pro / Master stand bag


  • Near UV wavelength 395 to 400 nm is deep purple visible light that creates a fluorescent glow in certain materials while everything else remains nearly invisible with no other light source.
  • This is a true near UV LED light source and no acetate gels are used or required.
  • In addition to lighting purposes, a black light can be used for UV curing of "gel" nail polishes and also "charging" glow-in-the-dark fluorescent makeup etc....

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