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A peek behind the light..

The Makeup Light (TML) is the love child of Academy Award®, BAFTA and Emmy Award winning Makeup Artist, Vivian Baker, and her photographer husband, Michael Astalos.
Michael has been creating lighting for professional makeup artists for 20 years. His first company, Cases for Visual Arts, was founded when Vivian was struggling with good lighting when daylight-balanced lights were introduced to film and television. After having to work under terrible lighting and expected to turn out amazing results, Vivian enlisted the help of her husband to create a light of her own.
Using his knowledge of the complexities of lighting, Michael created the first CVA portable makeup station which he gifted to Vivian. This would begin a whole new career for Michael, who had worked as a commercial photographer and electrical draftsman for lighting.
 In 2013, Vivian needed to up the game even more as digital took over the world of film and television. She requested an entire upgrade in lighting. It needed to fit in the small spaces of her trailer, be bright but not blinding, and have the full-colour spectrum and colour temperature to give her the ability to view color correctly. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention and TML was born.
And so, from it's humble beginnings with the first product created for Vivian, TML keeps evolving and Michael continues to pioneer in LED lighting in ways no one else has done or is looking to do. TML uses up to date technology to keep up with the demands of our modern day world and all the advances in cameras and lighting. Demand is pushing TML into the consumer audience, as more people want high-quality lighting. 
The symbiotic relationship between Vivian and Michael has created the best lighting because it has come out of a working need.